Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It began as a glow in the sky to the west of our farm (We were on our way home from our daughter's spring concert, and it was about 9 pm). We wondered just exactly what was burning, so we drove over about 5 miles and came upon a huge grass fire...headed for the woods.

We turned off the jeep and could hear the crackle of the fire clear as day, and the flames started getting higher...

We were only there for about a half an hour, and the fire got MUCH bigger, and LENGTHENED out over more acres.

Below are before and after...pictures taken a half an hour apart. Sorry about the double image, but my daughter was pretty excited.

Here are a final shot as we left. There were people out there, all over like ants, trying to fight this fire. This picture was taken about a half a mile away. The thing had at least tripled in size in the short time we were there. My husband and brother in law went back to see if they could help...Will try to supply after pics in the morning. Although there are no homes in the direct path of this fire, if it crosses the gravel road there will be. Pray hard for those fighting it and near it. The wind is picking up here...


  1. HOLY CRAP! where was it Annie? Over by Swenbys?

  2. That is just to close for comfort.

  3. I found out last night it was a controlled burn. What a bunch of idiots. The wind was blowing and there was no control to it. Fortunately, they had a tractor there, plowing furrows to head it off. Duh...there is a burning ban on!!

  4. Glad to hear that it was "on purpose"? I immediately started praying for you...wid fires are such scary things.

    Welcome to bloggy land!!! We are a great bunch with so much to tell the world.

    I sew and quilt as well and usually post what I am working on throughout the weekend.

  5. It is good to know about the prayers. WHo knows, maybe that is why it was able to be put out. If you hadn't prayed (me too) it might have burnt lots more!