Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jade, the Caique (Ky-eek)

Introducing Jade, my friends' Caique, who has come to live with us for a while. Jade's owner's husband is in the service and they are now stationing the family in either Germany or Italy. Both owners are already missing him, I am sure.
Here he is reaching for a peanut offered by my daughter, although it looks like he is waving hello, instead. He is really beautiful, and we feel pretty special that he came to live with us.

His new home is in my sewing shop, since that's where the action usually is. No sense in putting him in the house 'cause no one is usually in the house!! He already loves the sound of the sewing machines...I imagine it will be one sound he will learn to mimic. Here is one of his best front shots. He's really neat to look at and listen to.

So far he really only squaks and whistles and squeels. He is a bit upset at moving. Today, we moved his cage into the sunny window. I let him out and he went straight to the window and started whistling to the outside birds. Today, we made him very happy!

Here, he is turning his back on us. I am sure he is ignoring us, but it was such a pretty picture of his back and tail, I just had to include it!

Jade came with lots of toys including this great big wheel made of rope that he gets to climb on and swing from. At first, it freaked out my zebra finches, because I hung it between their cage and Jade's, but now they only freak out if Jade actually hovers above them. I would imagine he could hurt them in the wild, but this guy is really layed back and not very aggressive. He did pinch our fingers a bit 'cause he's somewhat upset...but not hard. He was testing the waters, like 6-yr-olds usually do. I guess they live for about 50 years, which is a great age! So, mid-life crisis should occur around 25, right??!!
Well, lots of love to Jade's owners. We will see you in three years!!! Now, that's a lot of bird sitting. I'll leave you with this silly thing I learned a long time ago, and Please don't be offended if you are from Long Island...It is supposed to be said in their accent...
The Poiple Boid
Dere was a poiple boid sittin' on a coib, choipin' and boipin' an' sayin' doity woids.
Along came Moitle and Hoiman, who woiked at da vinager woiks at toity toid and toid street.
Day seen dat poiple boid sittin' on da coib, choipin' and boipin an' sayin' doity woids,
and boy was day distoibed.


  1. Your right he is pretty, but is he pretty messy? We had parkete's a few years ago, they were fun but messy. I would someday like to get a canary that sings, for now I settle for a dog that barks.

  2. LOL love the song auntie! HEY - your oats are ready to be picked up! Come visit me today or tommorow would ya! I'll make somthing good for lunch and we can pretend that we have colds and drink the cough syrup..... did I just say that out loud?

  3. I have had my caique Pokey for 7 years, hes a barrel of laughs and they love to roughhouse with you and play tricks, and he LOVES to wrestle on the floor with my dogs....have fun with him!!!!

  4. He's a bit messy, and he is afraid of our dog, but wasn't afraid of theirs. He does this rapid side to side motion when he isn't in the mood for you to have him sit on your finger or shoulder. That really made me laugh. He will get along just fine here...